Thursday, December 09, 2010


You look at me, you speak to me, you stand next to me, only to tell and show me my weakness.

You talk to me, we fight, and at the end, you say its me and my words.
You look at me, and you remind me how awful i seem to your eyes.
You stand next to me, only to show how superior you are compared to me.
You walk away, leaving me broken, standing speechless about what is left.

Its my mistake maybe,
Shattered dreams, only illusions..
I guess it all seems impossible now..
Broken trusts, and broken hearts...
I built too much faith on words and love...
I'm sorry, its my mistake entirely.

If only you felt that same spark you did, when you first saw me...
If only you felt how sweet my words are, similar to the first day we spoke..
If only you felt proud and happy standing next to me, like you did yesteryears..
Only then you will not see the imperfection that is reflected upon me.

You will always be my shine when it rains,
The smile that comes during a terrible day,
Your memories will fill my lonely days
For what i had and have till today is pure...
What the heart has once owned and had, it shall never lose~