Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Today i gained a very valuable lesson. A lesson which i will never forget till the end of time. Betrayal! I learnt that people, regardless of how close they are to you, or how attached you bond with them, have all the ability in the world, to stab u right on ur chest, without realising the impact of their actions.

Yes, i have been a victim, i never knew, that people at a point of time in my life, would just turn their backs at me, and never realise the impact of their actions. I am not worried about people knowing the truth, but i trusted you with secrets. I know lots about you too, i never went round discussing with the world did i?

I feel fooled, cause i once trusted you. There may be distance between people, people part sometimes, but do you realise that, only when you part, it shows you your character, your ability to deal with it. And clearly, you made a fool of urself. I must say, as an educated human being, you acted the cheapest. Its ok, discuss about me all you want, talk as if there is no tomorrow, someday you will taste your own medicine, and when that day comes, it will just be too late to mend what has been broken.

This reminds me of a topic my friend discussed with me. He said, indians are divided into casts, and the lowest are said to be 'paraiyar''. Some people are unaware of their status, but their actions prove it. You have successfully proven to me that you are it, and that will never change my opinion towards you! For a person who never believed in casts, and for a person who thought everyone is equal, i today must say that, you proved to me that, even this segregation of casts, its all cause of the human own doing!

I learnt hard today, that from this day forward, i need not think or wonder or ponder about you cause i feel, you never respected me enough, you never cared for me enough.. compared to the amount of care and respect i had for you.. From this day forward, watch your back gal, i wont stab you, but reality bites, so some day you will hit hard! Beware!

And to those who gave me a chance to bounce back.. actually only one person.. thanks! You will be remembered forever~