Sunday, October 24, 2010

*The Bitter Truth*

I have realised that:

~You can never love someone or something, and believe that it is going to be yours entirely!

~You can lift your spirits with words, but actions speak louder than words!

~You can climb the highest mountain, but never without falling and hurting yourself!

~Life is never fair, its UNFAIR! Many never follow rules and norms!

~People change, drastically, to the best of their interest. Nothing you do can stop them!

~The traits people lack these day : Gratitude!

~The tongue is a sharp object! Its thorns are only visible after the prick!

~The heart can never be protected from pain! One day or another, it will hurt, and the pain in unbearable and ever lasting!

~No one has the right to judge us, or comment on us. But the irony is: People judge others, to portray their strengths!

~Appreciation cannot be expected, not even a single thank you. These days, people look for help, but never appreciate it!

~Expectations is something you put upon yourself, cause you know your capability and limits. Expectations never work on others, surrounding us!

~Happiness and sadness is in your hands! Choose to be happy, Change sad moments into cheerful ones!

~People who hide their feelings are not fools. They're angels, who wish no harm and pain towards others!

~Insecurity lives within all of us. Some just show them, others hide them!

~Put your head up high, the world may turn their backs, but remember, parents had you for a reason, so strive hard!

~SMILE! Regardless of how hard life has an impact on you, a smile can lift your spirits up!

~A person who judges someone based on here say, is like a human being unable to think!


  1. reality bites.
    nice post, i like your thinking very much.

  2. thanks syahmie... spilling my gutz! :P i wanna add u to my list! :)