Thursday, September 09, 2010

Yin and yang~

'A quiet morning, a rather empty afternoon, and all i can expect is that at night, something bright lights up my day'.

A common feeling that runs in Sarah's mind always. The feeling of wanting a change from this "current" life. Its so awkward, how she can be so cheerful at one point of time, and then just end up crying alone in her room. And the irony is she never knew, what actually made her tear.

Her source of happiness could be her peers, and colleagues who are always making her laugh. The funny stories, the good company, unexpected incidents(happy ones that is), little joy rides and actually enjoying the scenery of life she has just been exposed to.

And the sadness, it could be her hectic life, having no time to pamper and love herself. It could be love, broken hearts and painful love. It could be difficult career and high expectations and goals. It could even the dark clouds of loneliness or emptiness, making her world seem so blue.

It makes her wonder sometimes, is this life, is it always like this? She has never experienced this, its entirely new, but the question is, whether this is what she is expecting... is this life?

Happy moments are just too precious to be missed, the sad ones are just too painful to bear. She wondered sometimes, if she could choose... but she knew, everything needed some form of balance, and this is it, the balance of life...yin and yang!

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