Monday, September 27, 2010

My Life... Today~

The earth rotates around the sun, and the moon rotates around the earth. Its unique, how they're never at the same spot always. I have begun to realise that life is also the same. We're never in the same spot, the exact same spot. Someway or another, things have changed, we may be in the same place, at the same time, but never in the same year, or we may never have the same feeling. Its unique, it makes us have a greater perception to life. I guess, it supports the fact that "Nothing is ever permanent in life, some way or another things change!"

Life today is pretty focused. Its very precise, very distinct, very accurate. Time is spread according to a schedule, work is distributed according to availability of instrument and its corresponding analysis, Life is centered towards achieving goals and aspirations, Leisure circulates among the ones we trust and love, Ambition stands at the top spot, and other "likes" and "desires" just mingle around, slotting them where ever possible. I like this life for some reason, its fulfilling, more me, less people, less worries abt the society, focused on me, my family, my immediate and my goals!

Some would crave for this life of mine, a rather boring scheduled life, but i always bear in mind that its the boring life that is craved, less of ups and downs, more of time for thoughts and rationalism. So many things around me have changed, the irony is people still pretend like there was nothing. Well, things are meant to be... everything is meant to be.. so we'll let it be! :)

I'm missing home terribly.. have not gone home for such a long time. Thank God for the wonderful souls that surround me during this stormy moment. Laughter, little chatters, giggles and warm company have always made me feel like home. You all know who you are! I love u all ;)

Life is blend, life is plain, but i hope it all ends well...

cheerz to all


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