Saturday, May 01, 2010

i am me~

So here i am, in this large library feeling so lazy. dazing around looking for something exciting to do, which i can't seem to find.. as its a library.. what will there be, except for books, and more books, and huge loads of BOOKS! ok.. i sound dramatic... but its true :'(
Then something pops up, and reminds me of this wonderful blog i have which has not been updated for decades:P ok.. just a few months. Then i realised i have another problem, yes 3 months of silence may seem so little to some, but honestly, for all that has been going on, for once i am having writers block, not cause i have nothing to say, but just cause i dunno where to start! HELP!
But the gist of it is that i have learnt too much, that i prefer just keeping it to myself.
The world is a mean place. For all you know, the person destroying every bit of ur happiness could be that charming character who smiles at you every mornings and wishes you with flowers, before u take that step to work. Everyone has a mask, hiding their true inner self, and exhibiting a rather attractive and entertaining character, for which i would have many times fell for, but not anymore!
Long were the days when good was rewarded. Nowadays, the more good you do, the more you have to watch your back! Trouble is coming ur way sunny boy! Stay alert! As the world is no longer a place with green trees, lovely chirping birds, sunny sky and blue oceans. The world is now surrounded by dark spirits, storms and hurricanes, just waiting to take every bit of life away! I know i am being dramatic again, but seriously, speaking from experience! :)
But that doesnt mean i have to change. I am who i am and i will do what i like. I think i am more me than anyone else. I am who i am from day one, and i have never changed. I think the same way, i have the same endurance, i know what i want to achieve and i am me! And i clearly see that the people around me bearly know me an inch! hahaha.. sorry i know am mean, but i felt like saying it :P
Oh well, i better get back to books! Love ya! :D

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