Friday, November 20, 2009

Spilling my guts~

So here i am, back to where i was before a two week exam that basically brought my self-esteem down, and tortured me with no sleep! huhuhu...:( But now, its time to kick the books out of the window(i respect my books, and i wouldnt do that really) and its time to party. The only catch is that, my party starts in this room, its a huge room, with large, long desks. You come in, and all you'll see is glassware and scientific apparatus! Yes, its Lab 318! The place i spent most of my time this season(referring to this semester):P and now, i'm at the climax, the top of the roller coaster, hoping to finish this rather interesting and unique journey, called the "Final Year Project"!

Besides that, I have nothing much installed for this month. Its supposed to be our semester break, but since we're all "Final Year Students" and we have our so famous "Final Year Project", we're all stuck here in uni! I know, uni isn't a bad place afterall, especially when you're talking about freedom to wonder around penang, which i have yet to do although i've been here for more than 2 years :P But its never too late to start no? :P I'm hoping to have a project-filled as well as a fun-filled holiday, although my dooms day will come in 3-4 weeks time, yes its the results... haih. Its so ironic, how you can think of fun and happiness at one point, then totally get gloomy and worried the next! Ok, i have decided not to be too philosophical since many are so against it:P which i know is due to pure jealousy! muahahaha.. ok.. yea.. shoot me, i need a break!

So many people 'balik kampung' today! My kampung is coming to me:P hahaha.. that sounded weird, but my folks are coming today! woohoo! Its time for some loving and cheerful time, since i miss them lotz! i mean loadz! wait, which is more? lots or loadz?

So have a great week everyone!

Lots of Love,

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