Friday, November 27, 2009

.:The signs of Life:.

While walking up a steep mountain, she realized, that life is but a struggle. The amount of energy and work you put in just to reach the top shows many important traits in a person: perseverance, determination, hard work, courage and strength. The main aim: To reach the top, To be able to see what has yet to be seen, and To be able to hold victory in our hands. That's my goal, that's our goal~

But during that struggle, one fails to realize the outcome, the resulting effect, the after story; Going up that mountain will bring you happiness that was never there at the bottom. Going up the mountain will show you a beautiful ever after story, that'd you'd want to see and cherish for the rest of your life.

When you reach the top, thats when the eager feeling in you starts taking over. You look to the right, and also to the left, hoping to see that "Big" gift, the gift you struggled for. Yes, most of the time, you'll be delighted, but sometimes, it may just seem like there is nothing. Nothing to be looked at, nothing to be remembered, just another ordinary scenery. You might even think, the struggle wasn't even worth it.

In life we may not always get what we want,
We may not always get what we need,
But we get what we deserve,
Cause God, in some way or another,
Gives us only the best~

.:By J:.

But sometimes, when you feel like you've not got what u deserve, or what you actually want, it may seem like the end of the world. You might want to give up. The worry of not being to achieve kills you, breaking down every little self-esteem embedded in you. You might feel like packing your bags and leaving, or even just trying another route/road not taken in life. Sorrow fills the air, something you'd wish never happened. But we fail to realise, what we have today, and what we experience today, regardless of how fruitful it is, it may contribute in some way or another in the future~

Life is only travelled once,
Todays moment becomes tomorrows memory,
Enjoy every moment, whether good or bad,
Cause the gift of life is "Life" itself~

.:By D:.

No man can live in a lonely island. No man can survive on his own. This is when relations come in handy. Whether he's your friend, you family, your lover, a third party, or a total stranger, all human beings link in some way or another. In life, you come across many different beings, some being over the top, some bearly realise their ability. Some fly high in the sky, whereas some choose to take a stroll down the park. Some prefer black, some just love the pure white. Regardless of what people choose or how they are, they're people, and someday in our lives we will have to associate ourselves with them. Some relations make you glad, some make you cry. Either way, their relations, some what related to you, whether you like it or not.

Never cry for any relation in life,
Cause the person you cry for,
Does not deserve your tears,
And the one who deserves,
Never makes you cry~

.:By D:.


100 words does not give pain,
But a true friend's silence,
Makes more tears in heart.

.:By J:.

So whats the verdict?

When you truly care for someone,
You dont look for faults;
You dont look for mistakes;
Instead you fight the mistakes,
You accept the faults,
And you overlook the excuses.
Thats Life!

.:By D:.

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