Monday, August 17, 2009

Simple Philosophies of Life~

Its a lonely night, alone by the window, just listening to the sounds surrounding me. The orbital rotation of the fan at a speed of 5, motorcycles passing through the roads, and doors slamming here and there. Besides that, there is nothing much. Its somewhat like any other ordinary night, but its nonetheless a night to remember.

As random as some people are, i find myself random at thoughts and ideas. I think randomly, sometimes it has no relation at all to my current state of affairs, but yet its a thought, something that tests my mind, and then relates to my emotions and self well-being.

Are we following His story, and His narration...
Are we just creating our own story with him as a Judge?

A friend sent me a beautiful poem today, inspiring? Yea a little, but it was more of an eye opener. The logical and rational reasons as to why we live life like this.

I asked God to give me happiness.
God said, "No. I give you blessings, happiness is up to you."

I asked God to spare me pain.
God said, "No. Suffering draws you apart from worldly cares and brings you closer to me."

I asked God to make my spirit grow.
God said, "No. You must grow on your own, but I will prune you to make you fruitful."

I asked for all things that I might enjoy life.
God said, "No. I will give you life so that you may enjoy all things."

I asked God to help me love others, as much as God loves me.
God said... "Ahhhh, finally you have the idea!"

Someone accurately said that maturity in prayer occurs when we are able to move from the plea,
"Give me..." to the deeper prayer, "Use me."

Life is short! Lets live!

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