Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Battle of Life~

I am nor writer or book publisher, but being a young adult and seeing the people around me, I have gained a thing or two about the game of “Life”.

As a new born baby, the struggle was communication. I think there were many times when my mum misinterpreted what I wanted. I cried for milk, and she thought I wanted to sleep. But the irony is that, as time when by, she understood me better, and I became much happier. Note: I am the first child, so she’s entitled to her mistakes :P Thanks mummy!

Then we step into kindergarten. We come across so many other children, about our age and size, who just love running around crazily. The games we played… I think hide and seek was out favourite. Just running would make our day. I remembered my kindergarten, it was Tadika Rasa Sayang. And that was where I learnt the traditional Kadazan dance. The struggle at this age, was convincing parents to get the things we love. It’s a tough battle, trust me, but once u get it, you’ll never deny, your parents are the best!

Then there was primary school. It was easy making friends in the kindergarten, cause the teachers made us carry out activities as groups and that made us closer. But primary school was tough. The battle was: getting good friends and being in the “popular” group. Yes, in every class, there will be this group, regardless of what they do, good or bad, they’re always looked up to. And yes, they choose their members, making it hard to penetrate into! If you’re in you’re cool, and if not, its just too bad! LOSER! I faced this, and I think many of us did. One day we’re friends, the next day we’re not. Why? Cause she stole my eraser!

Then we start growing, into more “mature” beings. Apparently, once we step into secondary school, we’re “BIG” girls and boys! I was supposed to be the “Big” sister, which I hated for some reason, cause my brother made me go into the boy’s toilet! Long story, I will load the details later! Anyway, the battle was proving a point. I think it was difficult to make a statement, or to gain one’s trust and belief. Yes, you feel all mature, you analyze your responsibilities and tasks well, but people around you still tend to doubt your ability. It’s proving to them that took the most time. Yes, adults will forever think they’re the best, but I think its children in this age that come up with great ideas~ :P

Then, we become young adults. Some choose to study (get into university, obtain degrees/masters) whereas some start working. Either way, both category starts facing life like any other ordinary adult, dealing with finance, setting our goals and aspirations, having commitments, and this is when we take lots of risks, in order to achieve our goals. Risks in this context, refers to those that might eventually contribute to our future, that includes starting a business and applying for loans. At this point of time, I realized that, as a young adult, we think far more than what our parents or friends have in mind. Everything seems to impact us, in come way or another. The struggle in this age is being absolutely grateful and happy with what we have. Its hard to strike this, cause we tend to want the best and we only do the best. It must be beneficial, yet it shouldn’t cost much, whether it involves effort or money, or even time. Nothing is enough!

Then I see adulthood in the eyes of the people around me. I recall my parents first. It reminds me of the little incidents that made them worried as parents and as adults. Financial was an issue. Money seems to be everything in this modern world, and it’s clear that with money, people tend to be happier. Then there is the health issue. Regardless of how cautious or healthy their lifestyle is, something just tends to set in, and most of the time it’s due to their age and stress. Basically, the struggle here, is to live a fulfilled life, providing the best needs for children and loved ones. Then eventually, when their children grow up, the struggle is letting them go, allowing them to spread their wings and stand entirely on their own two feet. Its saddening, but it’s the norm of life, the cycle, in which every parent would want their children to complete.

So basically, at the end of the day, we struggle to keep ourselves alive in some way or another. Whether it be health problems, financial problems or even social issues, we all strive to make it okay, make it heal with time, so that we’d live a happier life. We are all dependent on one another, so when deciding on a solution, it must be in our best interest, as well as the interest of our loved ones. Life is a struggle, yes, but through that struggle we learn the true meaning of happiness, love, care, affection, responsibilities and togetherness. Only in pain we remember the ones who care for us, only in hardship we remember loved ones with hands spread wide open. Only in the struggle of life, we remember how human we can be, minus money, minus greed, minus selfishness!

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