Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just Dance - Lady Gaga Ft. Colby O Donis

Nothing remains permanent in life...

" We are but a hollow bamboo, in which God plays his flute"

"Nothing is permanent in life, it may come to you at one point, and it may be ripped off from you at another"

"You can please the world, You can act in front of everyone, but remember, the final verdict is God, He who sees the TRUE you!"

"You can please a million friends, You can please your family, but only a person who pleases himself entirely is a true human being"

"Many people claim to care for you, many try to give you comfort, but the undying truth is that, everyone is with you for a reason, and mostly for their own benefits"

"Mistakes are the results of trying, experimenting life, done by Humans with Guts! Cowards fail to try, and have no point of living"

"Even the thief and murderer has a story written by God. So if anyone has the right to judge, it would be him, and no one else!"

"You can have a thousand and one fear, but you should never fear falling, as that is the stepping stone towards success!"

"Every second of our lives, represents one loss and a gain. Think hard and cherish every moment, cause some instances never repeats~"

"Ten people say Good about you, Ten people say the Bad, But only 2 people in this world say the truth, and thats Mom and Dad."

"You may be rich, You may be poor, either way live happily, cause happiness is an emotion that is priceless"