Saturday, May 30, 2009

The battle of life~

*Regardless of the number of people we think are standing behind us, we're always alone. We were born alone at a particular time, we all come out from our mother's womb alone at a particular time; we breathe alone, every inhalation and exhalation is done alone. The start of life is accomplished alone. I think in this context, it might mean as if i am ignoring the love, support, care and guidance that our parents and loved ones have given us. But please, don't get me wrong, what i am trying to say is that, we strive for a living alone, regardless of how much support and love we get, the choice of continuing life, the choice of living our dreams, everything lies in our hands. You have to do whats best for you, you have to strive for your dreams, and all of it contributes to your happiness!
*Yes i am a young adult. Yes, i am no longer a kid, nor am i a teenager. A kid would mean a child, just picking up traits and norms, learning a little day by day, understanding from time to time, what is life, whats wrong and whats right. Then there is the teen days, the time when we test the norms and practices, trying out what was taught to be wrong, and ignoring the right, being rebellious as apparently it is "fun". And yes, there is the young adult, the phase where u get things straight and start planning life, a certain seriousness takes place, dreams are planned out such that it turns to reality.
*I am experiencing a rather unique and challenging phase of life. I am understanding my abilities and my weaknesses, trying to make the best of life.. but.. i realised... its never easy to please the world...
~ I worry, i care for all those people i call my loved ones. This includes my family, my friends, and all those i love. Care and worry in this context refers to every little incident that occurs to this group of people, every little joy and sadness affects me in some way or another. When i say i care, i do... but not everyone understands it.. When i ask whats happening, its cause i want to know and genuinely help, and not to nose around in your problems.
~ Whatever i do, it always back fires. Its so normal to me that i just move on. Every little step i take, i think and analyze, sadly it never falls the way i want it to. And i must say, when i consider an act, i do it thoroughly, but am sorry, i dont have the power to make it a reality, cause i am just another young adult, and not God. And let me tell you, even if u expected something to happen and it happened the way u imagined it to be, its just another message or guidance from God, to just keep you away from danger! You're no greater than any other human being on earth.
~ No one has the right to judge me. Yes i am an open book, i accept any one of any shape, colour and sizes, cause to me, everyone regardless of their origins and past, is special in their own way, and yes you can always learn something from them too. So stop it! If you think you're great, then by all means, try to play God, but please dont you dare mess with my life! I regret knowing those who judge me, for no one truly understands me!
~ I am tired of playing the good role. Cause i realised, no one in this entire world has the ability to comprehent life. All you do is think of yourself! Trust me, karma plays in many ways! Dont fly over your glory, you dont know who might shoot you down! I am helpful and i do this because i enjoy sharing, but i must say you just dont appreciate it, and i am sorry for you!
~ I am standing alone at a junction, a junction with so many roads to follow. You may think i am taking the wrong road, but trust me, for a person who has thought about my condition once, you have no right to say i am wrong, for i have considered every road at least ten times more than you have.Yes i agree, i always accept guidance and views, but please.. i do whats best for me and my loved ones, and no one has the right to judge!
~ Lastly, i'd like to say: I am honoured to have everyone around me, but i realised, i have only a few who are genuine enough to help me with my burden. And for those who have helped me, i thank you, cause you've not judged me neither have you condemned me, but you've just given me another shot, another shot towards believing that life although it tears you apart at times, there is always a silver lining... :)
This is my special note to young adults, mistakes happen for a reason, so does challenges. Survive is the word! Dont rush for the future, and dont brood for the past, Live life for now! Live for you! Cause out of the thousands that surround you, yes, there are tonnes of them who bearly know or understand you, but you must remember, although the battle of life is faced alone, there might be 5 or ten people who are just wishing to see u smile~
Lots of love,
Surviving Young Adult~

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  1. The strength of living lies in our hands. We need not prove to others as they might never understand! Prove only to urself, cause only then u can define ur life :)

    Hope u guys like this as much as i do... :)