Thursday, April 16, 2009


So here i am sitting by books, waiting for something called freedom, which apparently will only come to me in 2 weeks.. a bummer? totally. But the essence of this period has thought me lots about colours. Yes i am talking about colours, ie red, blue, pink, yellow, green.... etc.. but i am speaking of colours in a very very unique point of view.

I personally think colours potray the diversity of life, life in this context refers to the elements, surrounding us, as well as elements that are embedded deep in our souls. And surprising or not, these colours sometimes really shows or exhibits its wonders based on our moods. Interesting? Totally.. but bear in mind that the colour that means wealth for me, might mean danger for you, making the colour that exhibits a particular element of life be totally subjective to ones eyes and soul~
Lets see...
I am thinking of Red. I look at red as power, tension, rage and anger(as what most of us presume). Its alerting, like a warning to our eyes, as to how powerful something can affect us. It blends in tension, jealousy, uncomfort, and lots of cenfidence challenging elements, that keeps us alert, but at high extends could lead to panic! Now, based on my current situation: I look at the test paper, and everything is red! Challenging enough that out of all the notes the lecturer gave us in class, he made a total question of 20 marks just from 8 slides. Pathetic? well, more like challenging, and what goes on ur mind? I wished i read that 8 slides more than the other hundreds! Tension and intensifying! Hows that?

Now, Blue. Blue i regard as the colour of my writing in paper. Yes, for the past two final papers, i have been using a blue pen. It makes me think harder, more bright, makes the sheet look neat regardless of my awful writing that just deteriorates in beauty :P as time goes.. hahaha.. But its true, it has been shown that blue pen, doesnt make points distinct, and actually makes the examiner happier, cause it looks less messier and easier to handle. Besides that, blue may make you calm, look up above the sky, or look at a wide ocean, it brings bliss even for a split second! :D

Next, Black. In this context, i'd like to split into 2 shades, a lighter shade of black( some what greyish) and pitch black. Pitch black totally goes for the negative energy within my soul. The bad habits and the terrible thoughts that run my mind. Example: My "encouraging"habit of biting my nails when tensed! I had them long last week, and now, its bearly visible when you look at my palm! Terrible or tasty? Neither, just a way to get rid of the butterflies in my stomach! Now the grey~ Its a very close colour to me. Something i feel and see deep in me most of the time. It is the colour of being lonely and lack of confidence, making you question existence, a serious yet fragile state, but very private. I face this colour almost everyday, but the truth to be said, is that it can be so bad and hurting, but yet it teaches me the importance of hoping for the best. Its the feeling that makes you wonder the values of life and your surroundings. Full of purity, very intimate, very personal, its a colour that stands on its own in my soul.

Then there is Purple. I regard this colour equivalent to fun, and excitement! It reminds me of great memories with family and friends, that brings out smiles or random laughters. Purple is a colour, whether found intensed or in light tones, are always approved and accepted by anyone, unless if you have a "thing" against purple. To me, its a cheerful colour. For example, current state of hearing a joke while studying, also triggers the "purple colour" in me ;).

The head of purity, white. A colour that reminds me of hope, believes, dreams and aspirations. Its a colour that potrays the little things we scribble in our lives today and make as targets for a better tomorrow. Simple, exams here, we try our best and study. Then, we pray, hoping that God will show us some light and make us succeed in everything we do. Shows clearly the need as well as the effort in achieving everything we ever wished for.

Green = Harmony. Harmony in this context refers to the harmonious relationship we build with those around us.This too, i split into 2, light green as well as dark green. Light green potraying a young relationship, just building, involving lots of challenges in establishing. Would include good elements such as unity, togetherness, love and care; as well as the negative aspects such as misundertandings, lack of faith and trust. If this relationship surpasses this stage, then it goes into dark green stage, the stage where regardless of what happens, the continuity and the strength of relationships never shakes. This is usually with family and extremely close friends and associates.

hmm...i find this really interesting, and as seen above are the colours that i feel right this instant. I might add more as time goes :P

anywayz, better get back to what i was doing... have a great day! cheerz

ps: If you are reading this post, i'd like your comment on this. I'd like to know how similar these colours mean to you :D


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  1. dheven3:24 PM

    black = is beautiful
    white = is ego
    purple = is strange
    red = is anger
    blue = is all over my life
    orange = is fun
    yellow = is too classy

    but the best is colourless..