Sunday, March 08, 2009

Eyes wide open~

"There is this huge load in me, a load i wish to share with so many,yet i feel none is capable of understanding it,cause no one is there to hold my back..."

What can you gain from that?
1)There is a huge sadness in this person, heart felt sorrow and pain, that seems large compared to the spatial extent of his/her heart.
2)There is this wish in her, to show and tell the people around his/her what he/she is facing deep in his/her, but he/she's skeptical,thinking twice, probably cause he/she can't trust anyone.

3)Understanding. He/She uses this word to express the root of the problem. He/She questions the commitment people have over his/her life, the commitment and trust people have on every relationship related to his/her.

4)Finally, he/she concludes that there isn't one genuine being that is available, not even one to fight for her or to check if he/she is ok. This is when you deeply realise, who stands closest to you and who doesn't.

One wise man once told me, no one is a permanent friend, neither is a person a permanent enemy. Question: Then what is everyone around us? Temporary assets that claim to be valuable only for a certain duration of time. Sad, painful but true! Truth always hurts!

You know, life can be so unfair at times. We follow the laws: from the law of gravity to the law of attraction, from public laws to the laws of religion... everything is followed, but yet, you get caught for an act, that ur entirely not responsible for. How so? Another question with infinite answers!

Generally, there is this law, the Law of Nature, Nature in this context absolutely referring to the law "we" humans prefer following, the law that relies entirely on the words we blurt out! Sad? No! Hurting? No! Just entirely "unique".

This law apparently kills every bit of trust, every bit of belief we build towards someone or something. This is sad! Why? Cause, its most of the time something that doesn't have a strong basis to support! But yet it is followed, and this is the thing that puts us at this position, the position in which we gain no certainty about life. This has become our norm, our culture, our practice, but yet people fail to realise, these things just kill us bit by bit, day by day. But remember, its a norm! Its either you choose to follow it blindly which most of us do, or you go with the flow, make the best of every situation and decision, but consider every little popping idea that comes in ur mind and heart! I like no.2... :D

Its hard to be yourself these days, Every little detail creates doubt, every little step makes the world turn around, but the irony is that everyone else is asking u to change when they're simply trying so hard to be like you. Okay, this is brutal, but its something we all do, look at a common picture and trying drawing it out! Its like.. you see this latest designer dress being worn by your favourite celebrity, and the next thing ,whether u realise it or not, you're in a store searching for it.

The bottom line is, we follow people whom we think are sensible, someone we think is on the right track, but we must realise, instead of following them, we should improvise ourselves, make it as original as possible, because only then people will appreciate us as being entirely ourselves, instead of being associated with someone else.

We all act. Thats something we must accept. We are all actors and actresses in life, whether you realise it or not. For example, when you're out to meet someone, you put on ur best behaviour, and that is a simple example of a mask, that u wish to show the world, so that at the end of the day, the impression imposed on you is the best, giving no possible way to any negative comments. So, at the end of the day, we're all acting in a play called "life" and we all wish to have the "best role" award. So, note this: Improvise, make yourself as original as possible, cause then, you'd make a statement!

Lastly, Life is in your hands. Make the best of it, not for the world, but just for yourself, and those that play an important role in your life.


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