Sunday, February 15, 2009


Worries come by her
She sits and broods on what to do,
She picks herself up,
Moves to solve every problem,
With every known method available,
But at the end,
Its just for a thanks or a smile,
Then forgotten till the end of time...

What is she worth to your eyes?
What does she remind you of?
Has she ever meant any harm?
Has she ever expected anything in return?
She asks for no awards,
No recognitions, No money,
But just your undying love and care,
That drives her to live,
Every second of her life...

Now she sits by the window,
Hoping that someday,
Someone will realise,
That all she meant to do..
Was to spread her love,
To help those in need..
As it's just a genuine way..
Of making a presence,
Of having an impact,
In the lives of her loved ones..

"I may not be worth a million,
Or even a gem for the matter,
But here i stand right before you,
Asking kindly for a tiny request,
Keep me alive in your heart,
As i live knowing that,
You would hold my hands,
When i fall..."

You will never know how much you actually mean to a person,
Your may never realise how much your happiness means to them,
You may never understand her intentions,
But trust me, its all for the better at the end of the day!
So, change your thinking today,
Do not jump to conclusions, Never loose faith and trust,
Start cherishing those around you,
Cause you'll never know who plays that role of an angel in your life.

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