Tuesday, February 24, 2009


" Baby, i will wait for you, If its last thing i do..." Elliot Yamin-Wait for u~
Beautiful song, shows how much he wants this special girl in his life. Ever heard of hopelessly in love? Well, he's a good example! Striving for that one and only, the girl of his dreams. Lives for one, dies for one! You know, this case ends up with absolute success or failure, meaning that its either he has a happily ever after story, or he goes into depression due to a loss that he can never recover from. It comes back to absolute happiness or sadness~
"You're that one for me, its clear for everyone to see"Usher&A.Keys-My Boo
This song potrays a view on the past, looking back at the first relationship. Whe she moves on with someone else, then meets with her first love again, short flash back of the past, from the first touch to the first kiss, but even though they have moved on, they realise, nothing stays as strong as ur first love! A package of both success and failure! This shows how great it is to sacrifice ur love for sumone, whom is in love with sumone else. Love with sacrifices, that may cause lots of pain internally, but as long as u see a smile on ur love's face, you realise everything is just for the better! So, you decide to move on, and follow the flow of life~
" Touch me now, dont bother, if every second it makes me weaker, you can safe me from the man i've become" Backstreet Boys - Shape of my heart
This is somewhat like what was explained for My Boo, but the difference is that this case involves mistakes and mess ups by one side, that finally ends up losing that one person he/she loves so much, the loss that you know, you can never mend, nothing is going to bring ur lover back. Lots of tears and frustrations, regrets and sadness, blaming yourself entirely for every mishaps that happened. The unique thing is, as much as we believe that in every essential thing in life it takes 2 to clap, but in this case, everything is blamed on one party, and that party doesnt deny. This takes time, healing is almost close to impossible, especially if its with someone you love so dearly.
"I hate how much i love you boy, I cant stand how much i need you" - Rihanna and Ne Yo - Hate That I Love You
Attraction with a barrier, as much as they both love each other, they realise that things can never work between them, but yet they love each other so much and they believe every shine in their life is due to the love that have for one another. Little things like smiles, and kisses, the bear essentials for their happiness. The need to be together, the desire to be in each others' life, drives them to the sacrifices their need to just withstand life's challenges.
"I know this is a feeling that i just can't fight, you're the first and last thing on my mind" Blue - You Make Me Wanna
This is somewhat similar to Wait for u, but the difference is that, it involves friendship. Close relationship between a girl and a guy that eventually brings additional desires in him, making him initiate the move towards making her the one and only love of his life. He wants to share both night and day with her, he wants to show her all the beautiful wonders of love, to let her realise how much she means to him, how much she shines light in his life and how much he just wants to surrender his soul to her. Hopelessly Romantic! Woman love romance dont we? :P
Bottom line is that, love as much as it sounds beautiful and perfect, can end up being imperfect and may even break you into pieces. But do not fear to love, whether a success or a failure, love is worth experiencing, because it is the most important element that makes life complete. You can buy everything with cash, but can you buy undying love? Question with numerous answers, but its entirely up to you. Define love in your own words, and give it some thought. Love is a slow growing process, but it forms a strong undying base, that never fades with time.
"Take a step at a time, there's no need to rush, its like learning to fly, or falling in love" Jordin Sparks - A Step At A Time.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Worries come by her
She sits and broods on what to do,
She picks herself up,
Moves to solve every problem,
With every known method available,
But at the end,
Its just for a thanks or a smile,
Then forgotten till the end of time...

What is she worth to your eyes?
What does she remind you of?
Has she ever meant any harm?
Has she ever expected anything in return?
She asks for no awards,
No recognitions, No money,
But just your undying love and care,
That drives her to live,
Every second of her life...

Now she sits by the window,
Hoping that someday,
Someone will realise,
That all she meant to do..
Was to spread her love,
To help those in need..
As it's just a genuine way..
Of making a presence,
Of having an impact,
In the lives of her loved ones..

"I may not be worth a million,
Or even a gem for the matter,
But here i stand right before you,
Asking kindly for a tiny request,
Keep me alive in your heart,
As i live knowing that,
You would hold my hands,
When i fall..."

You will never know how much you actually mean to a person,
Your may never realise how much your happiness means to them,
You may never understand her intentions,
But trust me, its all for the better at the end of the day!
So, change your thinking today,
Do not jump to conclusions, Never loose faith and trust,
Start cherishing those around you,
Cause you'll never know who plays that role of an angel in your life.

Friday, February 13, 2009

surviving entirely on others~

cryptic growth - according to microbial physiology, it refers to the organism that lives or survives on lysis products of lysis cells. Lysis in this context means dead cells, meaning cells that show no growth what-so-ever! I share a similarity with cells that undergo cryptic growth, i depend on others, not so much for the benefits, ie for help with homework, or for money, but more for support, and the major difference between me and those undergoing cryptic growth is that, i rely on LIVING organisms! Entirely!

I realised that as time passes by, as we grow physically i mean, that we seem to lag in some way or another when it comes to mental growth. Okay, i know i may seem like i am not making any sense, but what i'm trying to say is that the age never in the entire world potrays our thinking. I know of 22 year olds who make the most childish and "far beyond thinking" remark, that at times potrays a 12 year old? I am not picking on anyone, nor am i criticising the people around me, but i am being entirely general, focussing on all of us, cause whether we realise it or not, we do face this same problem. We think we're adults, cause we have reached the age, but trust me my loving people out there, when it comes to making rasional decisions and choosing the best approach to a problem, we always fumble! The question is, how adult is your thinking compared to your age?

I also realised that we tend to give better advices to other, but never to ourselves. Agreed? I don't know about you but trust me, i can think rasionally and practically for everyone else on earth, except for myself and those really close to me. Why? Cause i get really sceptical, i worry if the decision made might cause some sort of undesired effect, which could in return damage the relationship i have with this particular person. And if its only involving me, it will decrease my sellf-esteem.Seems simple no? but trust me, nothing has a greater impact than this.

Bottom line is, if we're gonna whine about worries of making mistakes, and if we're gonna punish someone for the mistakes he or she had done, we have proved ourselves to be not as adult as our age shows. Where is the understanding? We make mistakes! Drill that in ur head! No one is perfect! Noted? But... wait up.. there is more...

Mistakes can be prevented. So think... and consult...

Prevention is better than cure in everything else, but when it comes to mistakes, if it has already happened, do not sit and brood over it, but just pick ur butt up that floor, and move on, be happy cause u just learnt a valuable lesson!