Sunday, December 14, 2008

None of us Lets Go~

she couldn't let him go. She just couldn't. It was so difficult to leave him, because she knew how much he had helped her deal with life, she had only one person whom she shared everything with, and she knew, that if she were to let him go, it would be the greatest sacrifice ever. But she still wanted to leave, she wanted to tell him that either way, no matter how much we try, it isn't going to work out, as there were too many differences, too many objections, too many frustrating situations. But she couldnt, neither could he. He cried for days, all he asked for was a chance, a chance to be united, a chance to proof that things can work out and that everything will be fine. That was all he asked for, despite all the negative responses obtained.
So there they were, talking, thinking of how destiny had played with their lives, but out of the blues, one fine day, he came up to her and asked, if she was willing to just give him one more chance, one more chance of proving himself to her, to her family and all those who doubted what they had. He didn't ask for money, he never asked for attention, he asked for one chance, for him to show what he had deep inside, to show the love he had for her. She played it safe, knowing the circumstances she is in, she wanted his love, she wanted to love him, but she didnt want any strings attached, cause she feared if one day, destiny might separate them again.
Letters, emails, conversations, it all just went on and on. The one thing that was common, was the fact that he always had a feeling in him, a feeling he never liked and was scared about, and that was losing her. He'd always remind her, "Although i say i love u, i feel like i'm losing u". Those words made her silent, tears filled her eyes, and all she could say was i know u love me, and lets just give it time, God is on our side. That crushed him deep inside, she knew it but she had no way out. They contacted each other, and yes they grew closed to one another, but the fear haunts them both, the fear that they might not be one someday.
For the beautiful woman of my dreams:
Waiting for the morning to come to you, with baited breath to breathe your love, expectant of what the day will bring, I stand at your side my heart in hand. Beautiful my princess in and out, you lie in bed your body taught, your lips softly moaning a song of love, your eyelids batting in the breeze. You look at me, you smile and kiss, my waiting hand, towards your heart you pull.Intense embrace of love we share, a metaphor of life with you, my charming love my precious wife, I'm yours alone I'm yours to hold. A pleasure so sublime our love, a thing that can be shared with none, a force so strong it knows no bound, a bridge which spans all oceans thus. The will to fight together held, by everlasting love will be, our prize a life together spent, in harmony and loving toil.

Time will tell a thousand things,
but they hope that time will finally bring them to one,
the fact of being together with the blessings of their loved ones....

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