Sunday, November 23, 2008

CoLouRS oF LiFe aS a YouNG aDuLT~

what is it that we want so much out of life? what is the thing we want most, and although we have enough, it never seems to satisfy our needs? why is it that we never consider being appreciative, and thankful for what we have in our lives?


we start school from the age of 4? say kindergarden, then followed by primary education, secondary, pre-university and finally.. degree! oh wait, there's still masters, PhD? okay, but do u realise, that every time we talk abt studies, the first thing that comes into our minds are our results, exams, assignments, and the list goes on. we never take a moment to cherish, cherish the amount of time in our lives we've spent on learning. Okay, i'm now doing my degree, 2nd year, thats a total of 17 years of education. Isnt that a lot? But why do we still compare, compare with student who are so called "brilliant" just cause they get all As. Arent we brilliant too? The fact that we struggled through school and college, shows that we are well contented people, we are great too! why do people always think they're useless or just not up to the mark? Why cant we just be thankful for every little success that comes in our life? We should be thankful! but we are never satisfied i guess....


We strive for our families dont we? Our parents took so much pain just to make our lives easy, from the first milk bottle, pampers, clothes to the school text books, and now till university, they have always been there, striving to make our lives much easier than what they have gone through. Talk about being caring, no one else could be like them. No one else cares for us as much as them, and no one else prays for our happiness and well-being as much as they do. Thanks appa and amma! Thanks mum and dad! But the truth is, for all the hardship and pain they go through, i realised that, they obtain a huge amount of happiness, even just by seeing us smile. Then there is our siblings. The elder bro and sis, the younger bro and sis... that makes us all irritated and angry... arghh... but the truth is, most of them never express how much they love, care and respect us. So, there it is, a happy family!


As we grow up, we meet people. A simple walk to the store, or just going to the playground, just by saying "hi" we meet someone new, and that person, once we meet again and again.. slowly turns into being a friend. What is a friend? A playmate, a person who enjoys every single thing we do, sharing similar interests and hobbies with us, thats a friend(to a kid definitly). Then there is the school friends, in standard one to six, those whom we compare our colour pencil sets to, those whom we play "catching" with, those who one day is our friend, and the next day not! lol.. dont u remember those lines: "i dowan to be ur friend anymore!" lol. Those were the days huh? Then there is the friends u meet in high school, and this is when u meet "true" friends.You learn that people are made of unique characters, then u'll realise not everyone can be your friend. Thats cause as we grow up, we tend to decide, what we want and what we dont like. And that also comes to choosing ur friends. We stick with the ones we like, the ones that brings some sort of a benefit to us; whereas we avoid meeting and talking to those whom we dislike. Then as we step into university or any form of further education; we realise many people are walking around with masks. Too many people hiding their own identity, acting like someone they're not, wishing to make more friends. But my question is : What is the point of talking abt friendship when everyone is a fake? Why doesn't anyone understand how important it is to be genuine in friendship? Well, these are just questions without specific answers, cause its subject to ones view.


Then there is love. Love in this context could mean love for your family, love for ur friends, or ehmm... yes yes.. love for that special someone. Ok, we love our family no? YES! We love our friends no? Yes. Now lets come to that special someone. As we experience a day at a time, we come across many people, mostly strangers and sometimes, a few of our friends. The thrill of meeting this stranger is all activated when we come across that "dream partner"! The charming, sweet, smart, beautiful, exciting, interesting ......da da da...wait wait.. for the girls, the tall, dark and handsome sexy man! and the list goes on. Then we have to make a decision.. to love or not? Usually in this context the partner would be of the opposite sex. Its a myth or a believe that the opposite sex understands ur every need, every character well that it would make it so perfect when you're together. i guess it could be the fact that it is easy to communicate, and understand each others needs... interesting no? Well, some say the best friends they have are also of the opposite sex, and yes, the reason is cause they are said to be more understanding! So now tell me, what is this unique relationship between a girl and a guy? it seems that girls tend to melt to the man's words, he says ur beautiful and u blush, and when you say he's charming, he says JACKPOT! lol, but are we girls that weak when it comes to guys? i guess not. Its just that we attention! when he says we're beautiful, the first thing that goes in a girl's mind is the fact is she has been seen and considered good looking by a guy. Then when he grows closer and closer, we love the fact that he lends a ear to hear to all our problems and complains. Then, we like the fact that a problem, no matter how serious it is, it never seems big to guys! Stay cool and cheer up policy! But at the end of the day, its the attention, the love, the care and the respect between a girl and a guy that turns into love eventually.

Question: Is it true that a girl and a guy can never stay as friends forever without falling for each other? Its my biggest doubt! Help!

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