Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a wake up song, for his dearly beloved~

Morning light upon your forehead plays

Like sunshine on a precious sea

Gently like my hands caressing

Sensual contours, contours of your face.

Like my nose and lips one morning

Will caress your precious bonny face

Tenderly administering kisses

Doses of a wakeup song

Simple yet complete reminders

Of the love I have for you

Of the hope that blossoms in my heart

Of the warmth exhaling from your breath

Oh my sleeping beauty!

Tender in the fairy land

Wish I do I shouldn’t wake you

But you’re such a dream I must

‘Cause the dream of life is you my darling

And I wake up every day for you.

Just to fight to make our dream come true

Just to say I love you wife.

Stay with me my darling baby

Open those precious eyes of yours

Groggily in sleep utter “I love you”

Share with me the dream of life.

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