Monday, June 16, 2008

random pictures, that inspires life~

love note, from a man to a woman~

I'd love to give you:
A kiss for every breath you take
a hug for ever sound you make
The world for all the love you have
A life of perfect happiness.

Because you mean the world to me
and no one makes me happy like you do
Because only your love is true
and I was born to be your man.

And come what may, whatever it be
No one will ever make us part
Because I am forever yours
and you're my wife forever too.

I love you baby, very much
the whole world's not enough
to make it fit, to hold it in
because I love you fit to burst ..

Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm back after 4 monthz! lol

Hey! I'm back, and this time with a new and better me.. lol.. yea thats what everyone says after they take a long break, but trust me, i'm still the old me. Oh well, its uni break now, wasting my time just helping my parents out with bro, granny and all, as well as catchin up with my palz which i will definitely miss lotz once i leave for Penang again! huhuhuhu...

Otherwise life is ok. I got into Biotechnology (thankfully) and out of pure luck i did pretty ok for my exams and all.. its purely my parents prayers and all.. dont know how i did it..

anyway.. my parents had this small birthday party for me.. I'm a big 21 now! lol.. yea.. so these are some of the pictures:

well, it was great really.. and i know i look bad in a saree.. too bad with it! lol..

thanks to all that helped out and actually came for the small gathering. thanks mum, dad, suresh, maanoj, vinod etta, aunts, uncles, friendz and all!!

take carezzz