Saturday, December 22, 2007

My presence~

I came into this world,
Not knowing what to expect and what the purpose was,
But i was aware, what is taught is what is meant to be practised,
And that was it, the basic essence of life..

But then, as i grew,
I realised that sometimes we have to think and react,
And sometimes this goes against our believes and practices,
What do we do?
We start comforting ourselves,
Thinking that our loved ones will understand,
Every little action we take and the reasons that back up the issue,
But, That is what we hope,
What do we do when they go against it?

I always thought i made u happy.
I always thought you were proud of me,
I always thought you were my source of encouragement,
I always thought you would give me a chance to prove my stand in this world,
I always thought some where in that little heart, you understood me..

But, No.
Fights after fights,
Arguments, misunderstandings,
Silent moments fill the room, and all i have now, is just guilt...
I'm sorry for not being the way u want me to be,
I'm sorry if i am such a big dissappointment,
I'm sorry for not being the perfect person to make u happy,
I'm sorry if i've failed in your test...

Cause honestly, this is all i can do...
But be happy that you have the world behind your back for support...
Be happy that people still love and care for you..
Be cheerful about enjoying every sweet bit of happiness..
And make sure you keep your loved ones close...

cause here i am standing alone,
wanting a shoulder to cry on,
wanting someone by my side,
to bring my spirits up,
so that i can stand up strong again...

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous2:41 PM

    really nice poem da... dont worry.. a shoulder which u need to cry on will come soon... ~suba~