Saturday, December 29, 2007


Cheerful, Happy, Beautiful. These were the adjectives used by her friends every time they saw her. She would be so cheerful, till everyone starts questioning, what actually is going on in her life. She would share her happiness with everyone, until people called her mad. She would look her best, as if she was meeting the king, and that too made many jealous.

Friend 1: Wow you look so vibrant. Whats up?
She : Nothing much, but just love!
Friend 1: Love?
She : *Giggles*

She is the first child of a middle class family who thinks education is the key of success. She never pictured herself falling in love and all, because she knew, her main goal in life was to be successful, if not for herself, at least for her parents. She knew, it wasnt easy for her parents, raising up 2 children in such a big town. So all she did was to try fulfilling all her obligations.

But, what she never knew was that there is this little feeling in her heart, which cannot be controlled, as it strikes when the time is right. And that little feeling was love. She met him online, she thought it would be just another anonymous chat friend who would just make her night more eventful besides keeping her company. She did describe herself, hoping to catch his attention, but what she failed to realise was that she lied virtually every important detail of herself, and this was because she never knew that she would ever talk to this same guy again. But, as much as she loved the company, she loved the attention he gave her. So, they spent their days and nights, talking to each other, about their lives, and their pleasures.

As time passed, she fell in love with him. She would rush back exactly in time to have a short chat with him, to tell him her eventful schedules of the day, as well as to show him how much she loved him. She told him everything, every little detail about herself, so that he would accept her the way she was. She was worried, that someday he might be dissappointed with what she has to offer. The problem, or so called "problem" was that she never felt the love from a third party, especially from a man. He loved her so much, and she loved it, the feeling of being loved by someone.

She: Baby, you make me feel so complete
He : You complete my life too hun
She: I wonder what the future holds for us...
He : Trust me baby, i know, the future is bright for us both... just stay with me baby..
She: I will baby, for eternity... I love you!
He : I love u too.

Thats love. No word describes how great it feels, cause really, no one adjective can describe "LOVE" in a whole. The only way to understand it, is to feel it with that one person you love.

Dont be afraid to fall in love, cause once you're in it, its wonderful...

Love u lotz...

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    Shamm..its really nice yar.. keep it up... i enjoyed it.. suba