Monday, December 24, 2007

Beautiful love notez~

Here are some beautiful love notez, written by a man to the woman he loves...

Note 1

My beautiful baby girl, I am missing you terribly. It pains my heart not to be able to share everything in my life with you, but time and distance cheat us. It is only my love for you that keeps me going these days baby. Only that. Tho oceans place us far apart, and the constraints of daily life prevent us from being as close as I would like, I dwell in that hope, nay, that certainty, that I shall son have you in my arms to hold.
Oh baby, if you only knew how this poor heart of mine strains daily, stretched to its limits from holding back all this love. Tell me how, my darling, how I can show you the extent of my love for you... I will do anything to make you happy. My whole life is now a kaleidoscope of our memories, a mosaic of our dreams together; even tho' we have only known each other for a relatively brief time, I feel as if we had already spent many lifetimes together. Such is the impact you have made on me, my wife.
Please come to me soon. I crave you.

Note 2

Hello my darling wife, how have you been. I hope everything is well with you baby. Just wanted to tell you how much I love you, how pretty you appear to me in my dreams, how much my arms ache from not being able to hold you. If I were only the wind, so I could be always pressed against your face, touseling your hair. If I were only the water that bathes you, the bedsheets that cover you, the food you eat, the lipstick you use. So I could always be with you, never parted.

Your ever loving husband

Note 3

My loving wife. The day has been dreary and cold, more so without you. I sigh and breathe a heavy air, dense and unbreathable without your presence. I run our conversations over and over again in my mind, finding within them only temporary relief from my solitude.
My baby, I wonder how you have been doing. How those endeavours of yours progress. I know you have been hectic and busy, but I soon hope that you might find a little time within them to drop me a line or perhaps even log on a bit.
Anyways, I hope that everything is well.
Love, and have strength, for soon we shall be united,

your Prince.

Beautiful aint it? Thats love. Remember to always write to the person u love, and make it as original as u can, cause that potrays whats in the heart.

Love! Cause nothing feels as good as it.

Love ya!

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