Friday, August 31, 2007

life : both tough and fun~ ;)

Wokay... life has been pretty eventful and interesting lately. UpDaTeZ!

~ Chapter One: Exams!~

* Genetics exam was no so great. The lecturer(Prof. Itam Sulaiman-just gotta state his name) apparently said that the questions will be MCQ(Multiple choice questions) but, at the end of the day, it wasn't! There were subjective questions. I wasn't shocked la, thank god i studied.


* Chemistry Quiz: Chapter 4, a chapter i can never seem to like i think. But since its a quiz and it only contributes one mark to the final exams, there will oni be one question. And walla, the question that my tutor gave as a quiz was one of the questions from our tutorial.


* Biochemistry quiz. Biochemistry is one of the toughest paperz, so much of memorising to do, just so impossible to remember everything last minute. Wasn't very prepared for this paper, but thank god, the Lecturer Dr. Normi Yahaya kept to her words, everything was MCQ. The paper was okla, but doubt i can get full marks... i see mistakes already!


* Upcoming exams:
# Chemistry Quiz: 6/9/07 => Chapter 5 :'(
# Chemistry Exam: 7/9/07 => Chapter 1-5 :'(
# Genetics Test : 18/9/07 => DNA!!!

~ Chapter Two : Major Events!~

* 26/07/08: Interaction Day- Persatuan Kebudayaan India USM(Penang)

=> Games! All the first years were invited for some activities early in the morning. The games were really good and fun. It made us bond with each other, cause there are quite many of us who don't really know the whole lot of students. They had treasure hunt i think(which i missed due to some matters:P), followed by making the tallest building with straws, quizes, and etc. Was really good, as the only way for a team to win is for them to work together as a team. At the end, my team won 2 games. Two hampers were awarded to us, one for the gals, one for the guys. The gals will be having our partee this tuesday!! can't wait! come join k... ;D

=> All seniors and juniors were involved in this. Was really nice, one look at the hall, you can already imagine how much work was put in. From the kolam, to the stage, to the lightings! Absolutely magnificent. Okay the not so nice part, My dance was the first dance performance! Crazy!! Freaky! Hahaha,,,but we got through it well.... okay i know you must be thinking, SHARMINI? Dancing? hahahahaha....i know but i'm done with it. So sorry if it was awful! hahahaha...i tried k.. unlike some :P!my pals said it was good, and aisya thinks it was funny..she never saw me like dat before..ahahaha!! But i must say i enjoyed the dance la, the practice was fun. i met new people, and my choreographer, Senior Virus was cool too! Addition to that, i exercised! so into losing wieght now, but the right way tablets, no chemicals! Okay, back to the function. The dances after mine was so great too. Loved all of 'em. Finally i thanked most of the seniors la, cause they made such a great event specially for us. Cheerz and Thanks to them!

~ Chapter Three : Life In Uni!~

* Life is not easy in university i must say, people tend to change with time. You just never seem to know who you should trust and who you shouldn't. People are always busy listening to what other people say about you, but they never seem to understand that in friendship, if you're not true to each other, then there is no friendship at all. But, i can't always say this, because as far as i'm concern that is my definition of friendship, just wonder whats theirs. I am vulnerable at times. I tend to be easily hurt by these things. But thank god i've got friends like Kalavathi, who always seems to think the same way as me. I'm always so thankful to God for making me meet her. She is such a good advisor and listener, and i'm ever so grateful to her. Thanks Kala!

* Besides that, i've my fair share of fun. hehehehe, recently wet to Queensbay Mall, just like another one utama, but One utama Rox! hahahaha, Thanks to Suren who was ever so nice to drive us all there, with a charge of RM 5 for petrol! Thanks Suren.

* Am ever so grateful to Subashini too, she always seems to have things that i dont! hahahaha, thanks for the choker set and all that i needed for Malam Interaksi.

* And finally thana, dont worry gal, am fine, she got so worried the other day when i was having fever. So cute la she.

Thats all for now peepzz, catch ya'll soon.


ps: i'm missing my KL friends so badly!! Peepzz how are u all doing? Hope you're all doing well! Remember, there's always someone here who thinks of u! Dats definitly me! ;)

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