Sunday, August 05, 2007

August Updates!

~ came back this weekend-missing family too much :P
~ life is hectic, assignments, tests, notes, etc...killing me!!!
~ missing my pals too much, not bringing lappie back to penang anytime soon, so kenot chat...:(
~ just finished my variasiswa,some function where juniors must perform-i sang!& it didnt rain
~ have got 2 exams coming up in 2 weeks time! must study, study, Study, StUdY...STUDY!!
~ hope i can make it to my cousin's 21st b'day this coming saturday!! Woo Hoo...
~ Am going to perform in this Malam Interaksi by the indian society! Die...Dancing...i just can't!
~ Lab reports are killing me!Discussion questions are research questions. Library doesnt always help!
~ People in penang, so different. Well, so much more different than in kay elle...adapting to it...but aint gonna change!
~ This is the beginning of the 2nd month of semester 1, and am already half dead! HELP!
~ Hoping the best for Bro, SPM coming.
~ Hoping the best for sis too, UPSR!
~ Praying the best for everyone!
~ Need help especially when it comes to time management. Time flies! and my leacturer has finished 5 chapters! in a month!
~ Where am i? Just started a lil revision! Predict my state!
~ Wondering how my pals are doing? Ash i reli wanna see you b4 u leave! Hope to see you soon!! Kas is enjoying indon, good luck to kalai...and viwa, bare with kubang kerian k, everything will be fine. Nat i miss u so much, and sorry for not loading u with info abt me going to uni and all....RACH!! Hope sarawak is treating u well!! wanna c u soon too!! hmmm... dharry!!! Are you in india? Updates gal!!! abt u? wats up?ok...i better the rest of u guys and gals whose names are not stated, trust me u mean a lot too me too ;P hope u are all doing well!!

gtg, leaving today at 12!


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