Saturday, July 14, 2007


okay, i know its been 3 weeks plus since i actually wrote something here. Well i've been really busy with university and all. I left for Penang on the 29th of June, stayed one night with my family in the hotel, then the next day, checked into my hotel(hostel i mean:P). Was really happy to meet my roommate, really nice girl from Kulim Kedah(so near rite?). Her name is Thanaletchumi. She's doing SASPEN(Sastera Pendidikan). Was nice to meet her family all there, very warm and friendly people. Thank God i got a great roommate. Registration and all went well, thanks to the PPMS(senior students who help first yr students with registration and stuff), filled forms, got my room key, started unloading my things and all. Then that evening, we had a talk to attend and all, was interesting. I was really shocked with the size of the campus, its huge. Its like the university town! big and the only form of transportation within the campus is your dear legs! hahahaha...walked all around that place. Later than day, i met another girl, Subashini, who coincidentally was doing the same course as me. Hooray! Really nice girl, really bold but extrememly friendly.

And the unbelievable Kalavathi, who apparently is my friend's's friend. Really cool, down-to-earth human being!! Love her jokes, and love her warmth! You rock gal!!

The three gals that make my day in uni! And yeah, there are the other people who make my day equally interesting...hehehehe...ratna, rathi, subashini(reena), selestin, renukka, AISYAH!!, ashraff, suren, and ETC! lol...list is never ending, cause no matter where we are, when we bump into each other, there will always be smiles and hellos!

Orientation week was the tiring week of all...activities round the clock, was really tiring, but we got to know uni inside out, well at least the mere basics :D

Second week was rather calm compared to the first one, lectures started, so we were off to classes and all. Tutorial rooms, lectures theaters and all are like scattered all around the campus. Walked here and there, wow! But the climax of all was the ragging thing. OMG! SCARY! we were avoiding seniors like nobody's business. man, and guess what, this is going to go on for abt 2 months!! NOT 2 WEEKS BUT 2 MONTHS! i know, time flies, but when it comes to things like this, its not moving so fast afterall! Lectures are really serious la, so fast, we almost finished a chapter a day! scary, but true! Got loads of studying to do!

Besides that, am just home sick. Am back home rite now actually, but leaving again tomolo. Wont be back next week end either. But its good la, thanks to handphones, i can communicate wif my family often! love ya'll

dats all for now, gtg to aunt;s hse.

Take carezz