Friday, June 22, 2007

worries...within happiness and excitement

As you're all aware of, i got into University and i'll be doing Applied Science(Biotechnology). Am happy, and that has always been my favourite university, it was the place where my dad studied, and he completed his degree there, after i was born. I still remember, he took me on a tour around the campus, and as a child i told him, that one day i would be here, in this same university. Wallah, i'm going there. As soon as i got the results, my family were all so happy for me. It was important for them to see me go to the university. Happiness filled the environment. But, suddenly, my dad said,"Sharu, we'll really miss you". It striked me real hard. I;ve always been with my family, and there was never a time, we'd separate. We were always together. It was a rule in my house, that we must always sit and eat our meals together, especially dinner. We were never separated from that, and i must say up to today, i look forward for dinner, not for the food, but just for that friendly jovial conversation we always have during dinner. I will definitly miss those.

However, it is important for me to spread my wings and find my own way towards success. I have to start being independant, not only when it comes to handling things personally, but also to be able to stand strong on my two feet physically, emotionally, and psychology. I have to learn to stand up for myself. I have to be able to manage things for myself. I have to be independant! And that is why i am leaving.

I know to some, this might seem weird, and you might think i'm a spoil brat or sumthin, but the truth is that, i am not spoilt. I do all my chores myself, i handle things myself, but i always tend to turn back to my family and friends for support. And now, i have to stand alone, and i have to show the world, what "Sharmini" is all about.

Its going to be tough, yes! But its not impossible!

The toughest thing for me right now, is accepting the fact that i'll be separated from my family and friends for a certain period of time, which apparently might fly really fast!

To my family,

Thanks for all the support and guidance you;ve given me. Everything you showed, from the daily practise of life, to the obstacles of life, you have showed me with love. And that will be my guide towards succeeding my dreams. Yes, what is a family without ups and downs, but i must say i have learnt a lot from all these. Love never fades when it comes to family. I hope i'll make you proud.

To my friends,

Thanks for being such great friends. I;ve never thought in my entire life, my friends would make such a huge impact in my life. Now, i must admit, what would my life be without u all.. you are definitly the spice of my life. Thanks for all the support. I know, it sounds mushy and all..hahahah..but its hard, as we all have to go on our separate routes. I just hope what we have, lasts for ever.

Good luck in all your future undertakings.


  1. Anonymous6:17 PM

    hey sharmini dun b sad yar..i can undstd ur feelings..being apart 4m ur parents..reli cheer up gal aft u succesfully complete ur stdy u gona make ur parents feel proud..gotcha.take care!

  2. lavennia6:20 PM

    oh ya tis is lavin@lavennia..nt anonymous..k

  3. hey thanks so much for such an encouraging comment. :D