Thursday, June 14, 2007

praying and hoping for the best...

last night, my grandmother had an operation, it took an hour and a half, and she was on epidural(where they numb the areas which will be operated, but the patient stays conscious and awake). Thw operation went well, but there were worries, my grandmother's osteoporosis has gotten worst, and the operation might not make her cure 100% as she used to be. According to the doctor, she will be able to get on her two leg, but not as long as last time, she cant put too much weight on her leg, and the recovery period will be long, at least 3/4 months, due to her age. Besides that, there were some concerns over her lung and all, which the doctors are treating with antibiotics and all. Besides that, the doctors think that she'll be fine, and that it just might take a little more time for her to heal completely.
she was in the ICU for about 12 hrs, after which she was transfered to the normal ward. I made 4 trips to the hospital today, once in the mornin to keep her company, once in the afternoon for lunch(i fed my granny, and it made me realise, how much it means to her when i spend time with her), then during dinner, and last before saying good night. The nurses have been really friendly and helpful.
all we do now is keep her company. we spend time with her, make her forget her porblems, but most importantly, we are trying to make her realise how much we love her, and that we;re here for her. We want her to understand that at this moment, nuthing means as much as seing her heal without sufferings. I hope and pray she'll be alright.
ps: rach, dont worry. My granny is fine. Thanks for ur concern. It makes me feel special, to have someone like you by my side. Hope to see you soon. Take care and thanks for being a great friend.

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  1. your buddy...rach1:02 PM

    hey sharm no problem...yeah hope to see you soon...i'm happy she's doing ok long she is in less pain..which i think she is with her lovable and concern grandaughter with her :) sharm take care of yourself too..may God bless you and your family.