Tuesday, June 12, 2007

everything is so unpredictable...

It was a weird night, was rolling all over the bed, thinking about the exciting things, as well as the worries of life, which i always tend to think at night, before i shut my eyes. There it was, something that told me life isnt going to be as good as it seems, i was worried, but as an optimistic human being, i ignored every guilt and worry that haunted me at that moment.

I woke up say around 5am, started rolling all over again on bed. Thinking about whata a wonderful day i might have at work, and how nice it would be to meet the aussie boss that i've heard so much about. Snap! and i woke up, rushed to the kitchen, and found my grandmother near the toilet, holding the door tight. I rushed to her, thinking of helping her up...and she just couldnt...i grabbed a chair, made her sit, and she said her leg is swolen, and that she couldnt bare the pain. The first thing that struck my confused head, was to take my grandmother to the hospital, but she couldnt move, all she could do is stay still on that chair. She was crying, not because of the pain, but she felt like burden, which i have never wanted her to feel! I kept telling her, what is the meaning of life, if i dont help the people who i love and care about deeply. We had our short moment, then i told her, the last thing we would want to do is to hurt her, and all i could ask her is for her to stay strong through out this whole process. My mother called my aunt, and told her what had happened, and my mum suggested to call the ambulance. My aunt agreed. We called the ambulance, and they came.

The flash of light when the ambulance arrived, hit me drastically. I've never pictured that at all. We had to carry my grandmother using a strecher. I helped them carry her to the ambulance. And then came the most chalenging part, "Is there anyone who is going to follow this lady to the hospital?" There i stood. My mum couldnt get into the van, as she is a polio patient herself, so i had to get into the ambulance. i was nervous, but i remembered, i am there for my grandmother, and there i was holding her hands through out the whole journey. They asked for her name, and all the details required. For a moment, i had to take actions that i;ve never actually done. I had to register my grandmother, then settle the ambulance stuff...that was tough i must say, as i was fragile at that point.

My grandmother has always been a strong and tough person. No one can stand that much of pain, without complaining. She did shed some tears, but never had she opened her mouth to complain. She is 70. To some that might be old, but honestly, when u look at what she does for us, you'll never believe her age. She took care of all 13 grandchildren, from birth till the age of 5. And now to see her bed ridden, with so much of pain, makes me wonder, why doesnt God help? Why doesnt he help people when they are in need? What sort of a torture is this?

My grandmother will be going for an operation today at 7pm. And all i'm wishing for at this moment, is for her to have the least amount of pain, and for her to stand on her two legs as soon as possible. And i hope,with God's kindness, my grandmother will be able to have a fast recovery. We hope and pray for the best! We all love you!

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  1. your buddy..rach1:21 AM

    hey...gosh...u didnt say...i feel so scare and sad now after reading this...i hope your grandma be fine this time...hope she is ok..really scared u know..coz ur blog make me think that we need to cherish the people round us...i really really wish ur grandma ok..tell me more about her after the operation k?