Saturday, June 09, 2007


Something we lack in this modern era. We tend to take every advantage that comes along out way, but we never seem to take a moment to thank those who helped us along the way. We walk in a lonely road, we worry about robbery and theft, but once we've passed that horrifying obstacle, we never seem to take a moment to thank God, for keeping us safe under his wings. Similarly, when a friend helps us, whether with homework or any other problems, we fail to show gratitude, we fail to make that helpful person realise how much they've helped us make our lives easier. Why is that?
What would this world be, if everyone took these good and kind hearted people for granted? What would these people feel, despite trying to help the needy? Why are we so dogmatic and never seem to understand what life is all about? Simple, why are we so self centered and selfish? Why won't we cherish the good things in life and be thankful?
Just questions, that we always seem to avoid, and seem to answer only based on the moral values we've learnt and not what we've practised as a human being. Sad, and devastating.
Take a moment to think. Take a moment to see your ability and what you can contribute to the world. If you can't contribute anything, then just take a moment to thank those who have contributed to your success and made your life more meaningful, as no one on this earth stands alone!

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