Monday, May 07, 2007

strength to to build that?

i went for a funeral yesterday. Funeral, a word we all fear whether we believe in God or not. Everything seems so black and sad, from the environment, to the people, to the plants. At that moment, it feels like the whole world is mourning. There i stood, curious, observing the procession, listening to the mantras, and i started chanting myself. There i stood praying for the best for everyone, especially for a friend of mine who has lost his source for comfort and guidance, his dear grandfather. This friend of mine lost his dad about 9 years ago, when he was in std. 5. His family was a very happy one, always so bubbly, we were very close to each other. we all used to meet up( his family and mine) and most of the time, we'd meet up for durian, cause his mum used to be the best "durian opener". When he lost his father, when his father who was a dear friend to my dad passed away, their grandfather was their source of comfort. He taught them, he loved them, he was like a dad to them. He was always there for them. It was hard, I could see it on his face, sadness, he lost both, a dear father and a grandfather. I caught a glimpse of him, he was strong, he stood strong, helping around to fulfill every need during the prayers and all, but he did break down when his grandfather was escorted into a van, that would take that innocent man's body to the crematorium. Looking at them cry, and letting that great man leave, hit me for a second, as to how much they're suffering with the loss.

Well to this great friend of mine and his family, i'm sorry for your lost. This is the cycle of life and i hope you'll all stay strong as this is just another hurdle we'll have to face in life!

stay strong my dear friend.

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