Wednesday, May 23, 2007

some things, just can't be explained!

Lately, things have been pretty weird! Everything seems to be really different, and i don't know why, whether its good or bad, i'm accepting it the way it is, and just moving on. Okay, serious check! I'm never like that. I always stop and complain. I never accept things as they are, i always question! I asked a few people about it, and i must say the response i got were so similar, and it was " you're getting matured, You've understood the cycle of life, and that somethings are just meant to be accepted the way they are". Okay..i know so weird! I'm only freaking 20..dont talk to me abt being matured and all..hahahahaha..(Its just me not accepting the fact that indirectly they're talking abt my age!!)

Life is never easy, every head turn, just brings you closer to a new problem. My parents think that i'm always so close to what i want, but i just lack luck. Whether we like it or not, we never seem to realise that there is such a thing as luck. Whether we want to accept it or not, life on earth is mere luck! You plan ur future, you take all the necessary steps, but sumtimes some things are just out of ur control! Why is that? Regrets after regrets, we only wish for a small amount of luck, enough luck to push us through all the obstacles we're facing, whether exams, interview, etc.

As much as we love learning, we must pay tribute to those who actually made us learn, those who actually thought us what learning is all about, what the mind is, wow!! the tribute goes to out great teachers! well, i know its kinda weird, from life stories to teachers? what the heck? well its just me, my mind is never in one place!! wondering mind ;P hahahaha..well am pretty excited to go to school tomorrow after so long!! they're celebrating teacher's day tomorrow1! miss that sweet environment! ahahahaha...nuthing beats school life! Well, i'll never be here without them! the credit goes to them!

c ya!

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