Wednesday, May 23, 2007

sadness haunts, even when we're laughing loud...

Sometimes i wonder, why good things come to an end. Happiness never seems to last long. Sadness sinks in faster than lightning at times. hmmm...

We have passion. We love. Thats what we do. But why does this passion and love fade away? What is it that we've forgotten? What was our wrong move? Why won't we accept things the way they are and move on? Are we destroying every little bits and pieces of our life, or are we just securing a much better life? Why are there repeated questions of whether or not what we're going through is worth it? Why is it that, a wrong move i make destroys everything?

Am scared of time, its just moving too fast. I'm losing behind....I dont think i can keep up with it!! Why does everything end just in a blink of an eye? I cherished those beautiful moments i had, and now I'm yearning for more. I am not satisfied. I want more.

Life is never easy, even Albest Einstein said it was hard. But how hard is it? Will it be any harder? How much harder must i work to achieve "a beautiful life"? Worries after worries, some necessary, some unnecessary, some just to keep our mind at peace

Teacher's day was good. Got to see my friends, and my lovely teacherz. I hope they like what we got them. Miss those beautiful days in school. Nothing beats that feeling and happiness we had! Love them all!! Muaxx...LOL


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