Sunday, May 27, 2007


I stepped into this world, always thought it was for the best. Going around, exploring this wonderful and dangerous world, i realise that i shape my world, i shape my life. Staying from a "papan" house to a brick house, experiencing life kampung style to life in the town, learning from A B C to making words and sentences...WOW! that's a progress alright! But i never grew internally. What i mean is i never actually knew what i'm capable of doing. I was living on this wonderful place without learning the little capabilities i have in me. I studies like everyone else, i did play and yea, life was without worries. But ever since i step foot in this special place, it was a new beginning for me. I met people know wanted to know me more than just knowing my name, I met people who helped me discover my inner self, I met people who were willing to give me a chance to express myself, whether good or bad, i've experienced it! Life earlier on was very predictable. Never stood out in the crowd, always had my own business to solve, never actually thought of my capability. But now, here i am standing strong with people who want to see me progress, want to see the “new” me, the bold girl who is willing to face the world!

Yesterday was a very memorable day for me. Mr. Latun gave us a treat at the “rotating” restaurant in KL Tower! It was so cool, it was my first visit to that well known tower. Yea, I was proud! It was such a nice place. There were plenty of food, and I loved the desert section best! Indulged in some chocolate fudge cake…yummy!! That made my day. It was so nice of him to spend so much on us. Never knew such dedicated and loving teachers our parents used to have actually exists in this rather dogmatic era! LOL…but yea it was good. Thanks Mr. Latun. Lol…doubt he reads my blog though! Hahahaha

Then we went to Berjaya Time Square. It was really nice and cold inside!! Lol..yea I guess that’s the disadvantage of wearing a skirt…u freeze! Hahahaha..but it was fun, we watched POTC….well it was okla..not that we’re entitled to our own opinions! I still love the first one!! After the movie, we headed back home. Kasthuri was so nice, she actually sent me back home. So sweet of her. Thanks Kas!! I must say the ride home was’s laughter, chee guan’s brains which never seems to forget science, viwa’s “govinda govinda”, and kasthuri’s sudden shock driving..LOL…was really cool!!

Lovely day!! To all my pals and teachers out there…You don’t know how much u mean to me. I cherish every sweet memory that I’ve had with you. Thanks for accepting me the way I am. I hope this sweet bond between us lasts for eternity!


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