Wednesday, May 02, 2007

love has no boundaries!

This is what is portrayed in this movie, "Mozhi". "Mozhi" is a tamil word that means language. This is a simple, cute, entertaining and a heart warming movie that stresses the fact of human emotions beyond linguistic barriers. This movie will definitely win your hearts, and might even give you a new perspective to love and relationships. Denial, sacrifices, pain and rejection is portrayed as part of relationship, and is easily solved, with a wide smile on their faces. Not being able to communicate like others, the loving couple which starts of as friends, takes the initiative of learning sign language as well as mouth movements to understand each other. This is clearly a good movie, especially those who are finding love, and those who are currently in a relationship. Basically it teaches you how to value your loved one, beyond their flaws. A must watch movie!! Okay, i know its in tamil and many dont really understand the language, try getting a cd with subtitles, its worth it! [well thats in my opinion]

Okay, back to business. Well i must say i'm now a big 20 to all my friends who took the initiative to sms/call/email/comment...for my b;day...i really appreciate it!! Your all really special to me!! Thanks so much for the love!! big celebrity only!! hahahahhaa...well thanks once a guys made my day!! well gtg now..catch ya'll soon..


ps: if u wanna know more on this beautiful tamil movie, "Mozhi"(pronounced as Molie) feel free to click on the title of this post!

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