Sunday, May 27, 2007

~*~HuRT DeeP iNSiDe~*~

I know, this isn't something new, i always relate my life to this, but isn't there a limit to everything? How long must i suffer with this? How long do i have to bite my teeth and just ignore these people and move on? Yes, i have to ignore, and move on. But how much can you ignore? In this sophisticated world, what people say and their comments actually do matter! From university application to job applications, everything requires a testimonial, or just comments from a third party who might know little about what is known as "your world". And the best part is that, whatever they say is the truth! Why is that?

We all have the same dream, but with different outcomes. We want success, but that depends on the individuals definition of success, Your success could be being a good and well known doctor, whereas my definition of success, could be just having a normal worries, just a smooth going one. But, why does the world look at it in the wrong way. Nowadays, its nothing surprising, people judge each other by the amount of cash they have in their wallet, the number of credit cards they can afford, the amount in their bank account. Nothing new huh? But isnt there a better meaning to life?

I'm hurt! I know the intro seems really dramatic and all, but i'm hurt. I hate it when people take actions in their own hands, i hate people jumping to conclusions, when they know nothing about me...its sick! How come people never seem to appreciate? You know the saying ,"the more you give, the more you get", totally doesnt apply in this situation. I worked hard, pleased you in many ways, made sacrifices, and what i get are all negative responses. My effort is never appreciated, the sacrifices made are just worthless to you, basically you barely take note of what i've done. I care a damn about recognition, but please, making mean remarks isnt a good way of saying thanks!

Life is too chort to be spent this way, every step we take, has an impact that never can be deleted or removed. Whether good or bad, it makes us stronger, and that is what i;ve taken this bitter memories to be. Just another life lesson. A life lesson that will always be marked in me, as i'll never wnat to go through it again...

Let it just be another passing cloud.......

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  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    hey...i guess it is a real life lesson huh?? well, i know it hurts but this is life...gotta face it no matter how hard it is..just be patient..time will maybe cure most things but bad memories..last forever and can kill u if u keep thinking abt it...yes it makes u strong so that u wont feel any more hurt after this..who knows..but nevertheless never ever make small petty things ruin your may not worth it..remember every dark clouds has a silver lining.