Friday, May 04, 2007

how long will you stand by me?

Will love ever fade away? Will they realise what they mean to you? What are you to them?

Random questions that normally run in my mind. Sadly i've got no answers. I've always thought that life is sweet, although filled with loads of negative elements, it's still wonderful, cause we have the people we love by our sides. But have you ever thought how life will be when these people turn their backs at you? Have you ever thought that they might just give up one day and ignore you for the rest of ur life? Will there be anyone left to love and care for you as much as they have given you? How long will love last? should we prepare, so that we won;t be hurt? I cant prepare...cause i'm just too dependant on them...the love i have for these group of people that i love and care about are just too much for me to ignore, and prepare for the worst. But i wonder if they actually know...hmm...i wonder if they actually realise tat there is someone who actually prays for their well-being beyond themselves. I look really strong, hard-headed, bold person...but deep inside, my heart shatters too...i'm weak emotionally. It difficult for me to show affection, or love cause honestly its just the way i am...i dont know how to show love. Sometimes, its sad when people misunderstand my actions, as if i had no care and love for them...i bet this is a common problem, not too all but maybe just to some. So what do we do? how do we make ourselves show? why do people jump to conclusions? sometimes it kills us deep inside, just feels like running away! But where to? How long are we going to runaway from this? Will it heal through time? or will it be just another bitter memory that will haunt us for the rest of our lives? I make mistakes, we all do. But does this mean u should be blamed all the time, or you should be portrayed as the "bad person"? hmm...just questions without answers! hmmm...

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