Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Everything ends in a blink of an eye..

As we grow up, we learn the definition of a few words, that will always be a guide for us, to enhance further our understanding of life. One of them is "trust". We grew up learning what trust is. In school, when a teacher elects you as a prefect, you know she trusts your ability to shine as a leader; when she gives you homework or assignments, she knows you are capable of completing it successfully. Similarly at home, when your parents have a meeting to attend, and the baby-sitter isn't around, they turn to you to take care of the younger sibling, and that is definitly because they trust your ability to do what has been instructed.

Slowly you realise, what is life without trust. We live in this country, with trust that the rulers will maintain peace and harmony. We buy food from a stall, trusting the cook to make a clean and delicious meal for us. Everything evolves around trust. What happens when the trust is lost?

We grew up trusting ourselves, remembering every obligation we have, and making sure we do what we have to do, and make decisions when we have to. But, at some point of time, we will start trusting others. Others in this context means a third party, an outsider, that has never been a part of out life ever since birth. Trusting a person can be difficult, it is never easy to trust someone we dont know head to toe about. But its never impossible. For some, it might take a month or two, whereas for other, it might take years.

When we trust that person, we share. We share everything that runs in our mind, we share our pain and sorrow, we share the sweet happy moments that we cherish, and the bitter moments we wish to forget. It builds with time. And when there is something wrong, we support and work together, as we have already built that trust. But, does this mean we should disclose the truth, does it mean we must ignore the mistakes and errors that have occured, just because we trust this person? Is it a crime to reveal the truth? Or is it just an ethic we have to practise?

And when we decide to reveal the truth, why does this trust disappear? Why does it end so fast? It takes years to build it, but a second to destroy it?

something to ponder about....

why trust fades....

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