Saturday, May 19, 2007


okies..i know its been a while since i updated this already warning me

Well, life has been pretty eventful lately. From mother's day, to work, to accounts classes, to hospital appointments, to 'lepaking' online after about 6 days of no chatting/blogging/friendstering...due to the stupid lightning that had to strike my modem, thus causing six days of life without the internet. LOL...sounds so dramatic, well that how life is without the internet, especially for people like me who depend on it so much!! :P okay, i can live without internet k...dont jump to conclusions!!
Whether we realise it or not, sometimes an eventful day is pretty good...not only do you use ur brains to the max, you also get a good amount of sleep at the end of the! Working actually opened up my eyes, i got to see how family can be when it comes to work:P hahahaha...i also experience office politics, which isnt as great as it sounds...and yea there are the clients, and all. Working for a company is like so different, with loads of deadlines, complaints, and misunderstanding.LOL...and guess wat i get orders from its like we gotta communicate with him thru emails...haih..and australians just have problems with emails, are just terrible!! lol...
Lately i've been thinking a lot about school. I'm missing it even more right now. I miss those little chatters between friends, the gossips..(lol, yea we do gossip), the good talk and bad talk...the friendly smiles between friends, the jokes we had with some of the teachers, and the stress, and know it was bad...but look back at it now, wasn't it all worth it? All the struggle, all the heartache, all the negative finally paid off! I miss everyone...common peepzz...its the time to reunite!! coz after this, we're all be going on our own path...our own road towards success!! Wouldn't it be good if the whole school could just reunite for a day? awww...i reli want that!!
Currently, am addicted to grey's anatomy, and i think they're startin a new season of One Tree Hill...desperate housewives are okla..but nuthin like the first season. hmm...heroes is kinda cool too, so is prison break, but cant quite follow those two sometime soon..
my mind is wondering! Milo ice by my side, and two chapatis in my stomach, wow...i'm full! Love simple dinnerz!!
Can't wait for this saturday!! lunch/tea with Mr. Latun. LOL...its a date alrite...i just confirmed with him dat i'll be attending the function. Can't wait, he was one of the best teacher we had... we used to joke in class, and to be honest, he never stressed us out, but some how or another, we actually make it a point to complete his work in time, wait!! this is weird...he must be using sum never forced anyone..but yet we did it in time...why ar? lol... Those were the days....i hated colouring the graphs and to him i got an A...
Confused at the moment, going for a dinner tomolo...dunno wat to wear...i've just messed up my closet! lol...we all know, when there's a mess, there is cleaning up to do too... man...if only cleaning up was as easy as messing it!! crappy
dats all for now...i'm feeling normal heartache/depression/ think i'm happy...but i'm not sure why...hmmm....


  1. hahaha!!!!!! At last!!!!! Haih..... The only way we can know wats going on in people's life is reading their blogs la!!!!! must update often!!!!! C U IN MR LATUN'S LUNCHEON.........

  2. Good for people to know.