Monday, May 21, 2007

the beauty of relationships~

Okay, i know the title kinda gives the wrong impression. What i meant was the relationship between siblings, the relationship between my brother and I. Today my parents were out for some dinner, they're meeting up an old friend who just came down from Kuantan, my lovely hometown! Well, so that left me and my brother at home....with my mum's Kelisa! Hahaha...are you thinking what i'm thinking? yea...we did take the opportunity to hang out together...isnt that classic! Well yea, we had dinner together...KFC! why but all of a sudden, he was damn nice to me la.. telling me how nice i am and all to spend time with we had dinner, then we came back... we took our bath..then we went out time to one utama...went there for ice cream...baskin robbins!! lol...we took a scoop each...and drove all around taman tun and damansara perdana, eating, blasting the radio, actually did share sum secretzzz!!! can u believe dat? was weird! i never tell him stuff..coz at the end of the day it'll all come out! but this time he shared with me things that i never knew...ok..i know it is weird..but it did!! it was fun la...i needed a day out so badly...and he made my day!! hahahahaha.,... hope he;s not reading not he'll just be floating rite now!!

otherwise, the day was pretty boring, was online, had a chat with sum of my frenzzz, and lydia got me jelly beans!!! omg...i've been craving for those like for so long!!! jelly i come!!

although the day was pretty eventful, deep inside me, i had a little sadness, as i was going through my files, cleaning up the documents, and defragmenting my lappie, i came across some pictures, my class picture (U6S1) and OB Night reli good... am really missing school!! Really looking forward to this saturday!! meeting up with pals and classmates!! hope we have a great time at the luncheon!! love that name! BUFFET LUNCHEON! so sweet of mr.latun!

i miss school!! i wanna reunite!! i wanna hang out!!! come lets lepak ppl!! lets lepak b4 we all walk away to our different paths!

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