Monday, April 02, 2007

when luck is not on our side....

when luck is not on our side, we do okay...but we will always turn back and moan "man, i wished i had more luck". Life has been like that for me lately. I'm not regreting, just moaning. Sometimes, its hard for people to understand, what we're going through and what we actually want. But i've always had that 'lil' thought in me saying: "if they try a lil harder to understand us. by all means they'll definitly know what we're all about". But then again we're definitly not living for other people, are we? But whether we like it or not, judgements passed by these people to a certain extend does affect us, whether we're aware or not. so what do we do? we cant completely ignore it for what should we do? haih, you know in this world there are 3 types of people:

1) People who care and understand

well this includes your parents, yea i know parents aren't that understanding to some people, but they actually try to understand and the best part of all...they try their best not to hurt you. so they actually really care and cause minimum damage!

2) People who care but hurt!

well this includes some people who actually care, but are always there to cause the most damage! lol...sounds so mean. but yeah its true. they care, in the sense that they actually want to know the whats and the whys but they're always there to put you right at the bottom, making you feel bad and heart broken. sometimes, they even make u guilty!!

3) People who care a damn about you.

hahahha...i love this group of people. they dont care about you, and they dont actually cause damage!! live your life and i'll live mine! ;)

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