Wednesday, April 18, 2007

love and relationships..

ok..honestly..what is the chemistry/biology/physics behind love and relationships?'s making me laugh already. I think in these modern, sophisticated days, we fail to realise the essence of a relationship, the essence of love. Ok, ask yourself, what is love and what does it take to be in a relationship? Is it just about having a companion or is there more to it?

It seems more like a need nowadays, to have a bf/gf. Okay, we talk abt maturity, the development of the brain..etc that causes one to fall/ get attracted to the opposite sex, or maybe in these days, to individuals of the same sex. Fine. Point taken.

But what happened to understanding and respect? I've been around people who are in relationships and are in love, and i must say i've learnt a lot. Its a package. Falling in love and being in a relationship is all abt accepting that whole package, not only the love and affection, but also the flaws, the bad habits, the irritating list goes on.

Question: How many people actually understands this?

I must make it clear, i am not judging anyone, or saying that love and relationships are bad. honestly, i cherish love and i believe in strong, and long lasting relationships. Its just that i'm confused. What is it all about? Do we understand it at all? wow...confused!

anywayz, i've attached a link to this post. its a list of quizes related to love and relationships. feel free to try them. [click on the title of this post to go to the link]

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