Tuesday, April 24, 2007

if only you cared...

you know sometimes whether we realise it or not, our action, or our words for the matter, just hurts someone, so deeply. its good when you have someone who is the sacrificing type, the type who just gives in and hopes for the best. I must say i have always been that type of person. But sadly, people dont realise that deep inside me sometimes i do cry. Sadly, these people never seem to understand. I often get ignored, or snapped at, or sometimes when i'm giving a view on something, they just turn their backs at me. All i do is keep quiet. If i really can't take it, i go into my room and cry. Well i'm not ashamed to say this because, i know many people out there are also like me. It sometimes hurts most when that person is someone u care and love. i have always told myself, its important to know a person inside out, thoroughly cause if you do so, it is easier to understand that person, and by doing that u will try not too hurt that person. Sadly only a few of us do that. I have always been the type to give. i dont usually expect anything in return. Even if i do, i'll just tell myself, nobody else. I must say that i've come to point where i'm tired of this, actually i came to this point long long long time ago, but i must say i am still a "giver" and not a "taker". Sometimes, to calm myself down, i tell myself, even if the people on earth dont see it, i just hope God does. Its very depressing to be rejected, to be someone a person wants only for a reason and dumps after that. But sometimes, i thinks its just fate. being rejected, and when everyone is ashamed of me, thats when i realise, how mush "these" group of people care for me. And its sad to say that only a handful actually accepts me for who i am. I am actually very thankful, cause at least i've got some people still willing to accept me. Its sad you know, i thought we live for ourselves, but we must realise, it only works when we're staying alone on an island. As for now, life will be like this... :)


  1. Heyyz sis,
    I know its hard sometimes when every is so self-centered.But the thing is that we should stick to out principles and be who we are.Cause you never know whos life ur impacting with your wayz and sacrifices.So continue being you and to be a blessing unto others..

  2. your buddy4:14 PM

    yeah you are right..life is sometimes hard to go through..especially with someone u care and love most hurts you deep inside...but u know..i guess everyone goes through the same thing..maybe we should put ourselves in their shoes and understand their needs and and hoping one day they will understand us..if they dont..God can understand and we did it for the better good i guess and also for our conscience.. and state of mind..anyways, better to give than take..somehow it made our soul feel better