Monday, April 16, 2007

have u ever thought of me?

sometimes, whether we realise it or not, we do think of people. People in this context refers to our friends, the people who just step in and out of our lives, our enemies, relatives, family, etc. We take a moment to think of their appearance, then we move on to their characteristics, then we slowly move to beautiful memories or maybe the bad memories we had with that person. then we wrap it up by making a conclusion. The conclusion could be nice, making us smile or it could be something that we wouldnt wanna remember anytime soon. Either way its interesting, the power of the human mind, to remember from A to Z about someone. What interests me, is that we never seem to erase these tiny details of people that we meet in our lives. I wanst the most popular girl in school, but i must say i remember almost everyone in my primary school/ secondary school, and the small incidents that happen..i can remember this incident..we were playing net ball, and i remembered this gal who was so popular in school who had to step my leg in order to funny!! but when i look back now, i laugh...but to tell u da truth, i was damn pissed with her when she did that. hahahahha...

sometimes i wonder, why dont we let the person know we are actually thinking about them, i know i am shy about it too...but wouldnt it be nice if some one gives u a call or smses u to say that he/she was thinking abt you today. i've got calls like that before from my close friends...and i must say at that moment, u feel so good abt urself cause it feels like there is someone who actually cares so much for u. hmm...why dont we do the same? its much harder when it comes to the opposite sex...tell me abt it...automatically they'll have this thing running in their heads: i think she/he has a big crush on childish..we will never change ha? Take a moment to think abt this, someone calls u to say he/she thought abt

ok enough of the crappy stories, since its my blog...its supposed to be abt me...i've been okla lately...have been bz training my new maid, have touched books study again...scared i might be a lil too lazy when uni starts...desperately wanna learn accounts...but the books have been'm doing ok la..besides a lil regreting here and am ok...well i kinda miss my school frenzz...... i so wanna c u all some time soon k...okies...cheers

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