Saturday, February 10, 2007

after a while~

hey are you all doing? well i know its been a while since i blogged. I've been bz:P ..hey its true.. i just started work. i'm working at Cargo And Logistics Management Sdn Bhd. the office is at damansara perdana. ok la...actually its my uncles(or maybe aunty's) office...its kewl la...i'm like a marketing assistant to my uncle..i prepare flyers, email, spreadsheets, letters, and is good far as i'm concern...i'm learning sumthing good doubt abt it! so...sorry guys...i know i've not been replying emails..smses...sorry!! i've been bz...i go to work at 9...and come back either early(which is abt 6pm) or late(7/8pm) the time i settle down and all...i'll hit the hope u all understand!!

well...i'm gettin a lil nervous,,,results will be out in less than a month 4m now..and worst part SAT results will be out in just a,,,i sumtimes feel like i've screwed things up not confident at all la...well...all i can do now is pray and hope that the results will be good! pray for me too k?;) hehehhe.,..if i do well...then i'll belanja u all:P heheheh..

ok i think dats all 4 today..pretty tired..had work today..and am feeling pretty gonna tidur d...take care!!

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