Wednesday, January 17, 2007

what does God want to see?

What does God want to see?

What does God want us to do?

Is he watching us?

Why are the so many questions without answers?

I know, at this moment you might think that i'm questioning the existence of God. Well actually i'm not. what i'd like to know is what he expects from me? what does he want me to do? it all comes back to this:

I bet we're all aware of the saying"live life to the fullest", but question: what's life's limit?

well ok, i'll get to the point. we're living today, learning from the past and thinking about tomorrow;

Question: but what are we trying to achieve?
Answer:okay...there is education, career, family,etc

Question:But what is all this for?
Answer: to achieve a fulfilling life

Question:What is a fulfilling life?
Answer: a life without worry, a smooth mode of living; with "MONEY"

(recently i read an article...just a random was stated that about 90% married couples(love marriage) end up with a divorce, due to financial problems)

you see what has happened to our society. everyone has this thing stuck in their head. MONEY! SHOW ME THE MONEY!

now, tell me, is life all about money? what happened to love, friendship and the virtues that we hold till today? doesnt that matter?

seriously...i dont know! i dont know what matters these days. i'm losing things that i never knew i could..i'm learning things that i never knew...i'm experiencing things...things that sometimes brings a smile on my face...and sometimes kills me deep inside. so, when you ask me what is life about, i really dont know!

things have not been great lately. i'm smiling, and laughing like never before, hiding my sorrow and weakness, so that no bloody human being could ever hurt me anymore. Am i doing the right thing? i dont know! i'm losing the people that i trusted..i'm losing my temper...i'm losing my heart and all the feelings i ever had for the world, and for the people i love. But i must say, i am no weakling, as i've not lost my strength and will, to go on with life, and i'm really happy about that. i am still very grateful, as God has given me a group of special people, that i still trust and care for till today! although this group is getting smaller day by day.. i must say its a blessing, as now i know who my true and loyal mates are!

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  1. ~ribliss~7:06 PM

    it seems that everyone is questioning why GOd put us here huh?
    I'm sort of scatterred too.. shall we find the answer together mate? when either of us bump into a conclusion we'll let each other know okay..
    i'm just a call away..
    miss you girl..