Monday, January 08, 2007

just in the moment~

I WANT CHOCOLATE CAKE! hahahha...i really miss my aunts chocolate cake..she makes the best chocolate just melts in your mouth! every bite feels so wonderful..hahahha... reminds me of what kasthuri used to say..eating chocolate is like making love(her favourite line)..."like as though she has made love b4" lol...we used to tease her(especially tommy and i)...askin her whether or not she was a virgin after she says that favourite line of hers. wow...those were the days... we waited so much for this moment.. to be free, to enjoy life, waiting for school to end...without even realising that it would/could cause a great amount of loss! yea i know i should be happy and all...but i'm missing school everyone is doing their own thing...i barely even know wat they're doing...sometimes i try keeping in takes 2 hands to clap doesnt it? haih... its so sad...u know they always say...there are many types of friends: friends that u keep for the rest of ur life, friends that only appear for a reason, and friends that stay with us based on interests... i never actually classified my friends at all...but i must say...i hope they're not friends that only come for a reason...hmm... i know i've started crapping again..LURVE CHOCOLATE CAKE!! hahahha...

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  1. ~ribliss~2:04 PM

    i miss you sharm.. maybe we can have chocolate cake and teh o one fine evening k..
    love lots,
    ps:ur my fren that lasts forever